What the church is about.

Cambridge Christian Centre is a family church. We desire to bring people into a personal relationship with Jesus, and then encourage them on to a life of service to Him. He has called us to bring the Good News of divine healing for our spirit, soul and body; the Good News of deliverance for the oppressed and the setting free of the captives; the Good News that “Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever”; the Good News that Jesus is Lord over Cambridge!

As well as doing all the things a church would normally do to be a spiritual asset in the community, our main mandate is to raise up strong Christians, ready and trained to be used by God during the outpouring of the Holy Spirit that is coming upon the earth. The teaching ministry at Cambridge Christian Centre specifically develops the character of Jesus, and purity of heart from the spiritual perspective of a finished and accomplished victory in Christ.

The Epistle writers exhort us to live a life of faith unto purity and holiness so we will not succumb to the influence of the wickedness that is coming, and will be able to be used by God to handle the power of the Holy Spirit that will be poured out.


Senior Pastors

Associate Pastor